Alcmaeon - father of neurology?

Alcmaeon was the first Greek scholar declared that the brain is the most important organ. The great transfer of ideas began with him.

Four elements of existence

Empedocles believed that the existence consists of four roots (elements). This view was developed by Hippocrates and later by Galen.

The brain in the hippocratic papers

Hippocrates described the role and functions of the human brain in an innovative way. Many of his findings are confirmed by modern science.

Revealed unknown manuscript with Hippocrates’ prescriptions!

Greek scientists discovered manuscript which is one of those known as „palimpsest” manuscripts, dating to the 6th century AD. The manuscript is written on leather and bears parts of a medical recipe of the renowned Greek physician Hippocrates – as we can read in the Archeology News Network. Read more…

Bones on social life

Bioarchaeologist from the Institute of Archaeology, University of Warsaw, reviewed all publications concerning the burial grounds in Mesopotamia, the ancient land in the Middle East, located in the basin of the Tigris and Euphrates (mainly present territory of Iraq and Syria). – Polish Press Agency informed. Later in the press release you can read: „Analysed skeletons come from

10 secrets of Ancient Medicine

As we can read in the new article on the portal „Over millennia, we developed a complex and nuanced pharmacopoeia to deal with our ailments. Today, modern medicine is beginning to embrace these ancient cures. Researchers and archaeologists are working tirelessly discover these age-old remedies and develop new treatments from time-tested medicine.”. Click on

What were sick children in Egypt?

„Anaemia, chronic sinusitis, tooth decay are among the most commonly recognized diseases in children whose burials Polish bioarchaeologist investigated in the Egyptian necropolis dating back more than two thousand years at Saqqara, near the oldest pyramid in the world.” – Polish Press Agency informed. Later in the press release you can read: „Excavations in the extensive Egyptian